Drew Helberg | Hamilton Barnes

Drew Helberg

Fiber Consultant USA

Hi, nice to meet you I’m Drew, a few facts about me:

  • Old Fashion connoisseur. 
  • Being told I grow on people like a fungus. 
  • Retired D3 superstar turned average golfer. 

I'm on the Fiber and Construction USA team at Hamilton Barnes. 

We support the following types of clients:

  • Global and rural ISP’s
  • Full Turn-Key Providers
  • Construction/Installation Partners
  • Utility Providers
  • Design Partners

As a team, we have placed circa 450 candidates for the above client types across Technician, Engineering, Management and Executive level roles. 

Some success stories include:

  • Consulted a Pennsylvania-based ISP from a startup to a fully functional operation within 3 months. They now have over 15,000 customers and have brought OSP construction in-house. 
  • Helped a Utility design partner create a specialist telecoms team by firstly finding them a leader within the telecom space, then building out their OSP Design and Project Management division. They work with clients like AT&T & Google Fiber. 
  • Helped a full-turnkey provider win multiple contracts for rural ISPs by finding them reliable talent who were willing to travel with the work.

Whether you are a Mom-and-Pop shop, a global provider or just looking for a new opportunity, come to us for a consultative and thorough approach to staffing.