Jade Haddock | Hamilton Barnes

Jade Haddock

Network Consultant

Hi, nice to meet you I’m Jade, a few facts about me:

  • I'm the best cocktail and coffee maker about.

Here at Hamilton Barnes, I am a Network Consultant, recruiting for ISPs around the globe in the Networks and space.

We support a variety of business types in the telecoms space, including – 

  • Internet Service Providers & Carriers 
  • B2B Connectivity Providers 
  • CoLo & Hosting providers 
  • AltNets 
  • SatCom providers 
  • Vendors
  • Subsea Cabling providers.

As a team, we have placed circa 1000 people with a range of companies. Anything from pre-funding AltNets right through to the biggest Internet/ Connectivity players in the world.

A few of our success stories to date:

  • Placed 210 Network Engineers and 120 Fibre Engineers with the UK’s largest Telco. In the space of 3 years, we became the #1 supplier in the Networking space and have filled 95% of the roles given. And 99% of the individuals we placed are still with the business.
  • Supporting the “landlord of the internet” as they grow internationally. We’ve sourced Network Engineers in the US, Singapore, UK, Germany and the Netherlands. As well as exclusively recruiting their NOC in Poland where we placed 12 Engineers.
  • We worked with an AltNet operator as they went through their initial round of funding. We helped them to grow from 5 to 125 heads. Starting with their management team, including the Head of Installations, Head of Planning, Head of Networks and NOC Manager.

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