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CCSAM / CCSAP Red Team Operator - Financial Org

  • £150k
  • Remote UK wide
  • Permanent
  • Enterprise Security
  • Cyber Security

Are you ready to own Red Team engagements and shape cybersecurity strategies for the UK Government and beyond?

You'll have the exclusive opportunity to lead regulatory Red Team assessments under the prestigious CBEST framework for the UK Government and United Nations. 

In addition, you'll conduct Red Teaming and Purple Teaming for a wide array of client organisations spanning various industries.

You'll benefit by:

  1. You'll specialize in high-impact Red Teaming assessments for government entities and diverse industries, developing unmatched expertise in cybersecurity.
  2. You can work remotely from anywhere in the UK, enjoying a perfect work-life balance.
  3. Your skills are valued, and you'll receive a competitive salary of £150,000, reflecting your vital role in protecting critical infrastructure.

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  • Specialising in leading regulatory red team assessments under the CBEST framework for the UN / UK Government 
  • Red teaming and purple teaming for client organisations across a variety of industries and sectors

Experience & Skills 

  • CCSAM 

Salary Details  

  • £150k 
  • Remote UK wide

Matthew Ayres Head of Cloud Security

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