Josh Pauley

Network Consultant USA

Hi, nice to meet you Josh, a few facts about me:

  • Former college football player.
  • Beer shotgun enthusiast.
  • I have a scar on my knee that looks like a Nike sign.

Here at Hamilton Barnes, I am part of our USA offerings recruiting for ISPs across North America in the Networks and Fiber Space.

I represent the below organizations when seeking network engineering expertise:

  • Global Internet Service providers
  • Rural based ISP
  • Utilities companies expanding into the FTTx space
  • Cisco/ Juniper Partners
  • Global Networking Vendors

As a team, we have placed circa 600 people across a wide array of businesses. Anything from start-up FTTx providers through to the largest corporations providing connectivity globally.

A few of our success stories to date:

  • Supported a Texas-based ISP in growth from 4 employees and initial funding rounds to 60 in the space of 9 months across Fiber Engineering and Network Engineering.
  • Sourced 17 NOC Engineers with New York's fastest-growing ISP to help in their market expansion to the tri-state area.
  • Paced 26 IP Architects/ Design Engineers with ‘the King’ of connectivity to support their Nationwide standardization project spanning 3 years.
  • Became the number 1 Networking supplier to the USA's largest privately owned communications business.

If you’re looking to find your next opportunity and want an informed and professional approach to get you there then please reach out!