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Finding the talent, you need

Why you should work with Hamilton Barnes

Finding highly skilled employees is always difficult, especially with the current shortage of skilled workers. We can help you source the right skilled candidates to help with your short-term or longer-term contract needs.

The networking specialists

Our Service

Our approach involves gaining an understanding of your business needs during periods of rapid growth and subsequently identifying the ideal candidate who can seamlessly integrate into your business.

There is a single point of contact for all vacancies. This streamlines the recruitment process when handling the submission of CVs, CV Feedback and candidate onboarding. This approach saves time and provides a streamlined recruitment process

Consultative Approach

Tailor made solutions

Finding the right candidate who has the right skill set and is a good cultural fit for the job, is critical to a successful hire, whether it is a permanent position or a contract position. 

We know that every business and hiring manager has unique needs. From start-ups to enterprise-level businesses, whether it’s your first hire or your hundredth, we are there to provide advice and ease and support you throughout the entire process.

We understand the urgency of getting a contractor on site. We offer a speedy service, where contractors are hired in under a week. Additionally, partnering with us provides you with


  • Broader Reach of candidates 
  • No hidden costs 
  • Specialise teams
  • Dedicated Compliance Team 
  • Clear SLAs with regular reviews


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