Microsoft Sustainability Engineer - Consulting

  • $65 per hour
  • Miami, Florida
  • Contract
  • Enterprise Security
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  • Infrastructure and Cloud Contract

Are you ready to make a meaningful impact on the world through technology?

You'll have the opportunity to join as a Microsoft Sustainability Engineer, focusing on ESG initiatives that drive positive change.

  1. You'll play a crucial role in environmental sustainability, leveraging Microsoft qualifications related to Sustainability/ESG to make a tangible difference.
  2. You'll contribute to a cause greater than yourself, utilizing your skills to address pressing global challenges and promote a sustainable future.
  3. You'll enjoy a competitive hourly rate of $65, recognizing your expertise and commitment to creating positive environmental change.

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  • Environmental Sustainability

Experience & Skills 

  • Microsoft qualifications related to Sustainability / ESG

Salary Details  

  • $65 per hour
Harry Baily Head of Contract USA

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