Network Security Engineer - Consultancy

  • €350-400 per day
  • Blagnac & Montaudran
  • Contract
  • Contract
  • Enterprise Networking Contract

Ever dreamt of being at the forefront of a groundbreaking network infrastructure revamp?

You'll have the opportunity to join a prestigious French IT Consultancy, playing a crucial role in a 7-year program dedicated to transforming the network infrastructure of a major end customer.


  1. Be part of a visionary 7-year program, completely overhauling the network infrastructure for a major end customer.
  2. Enjoy the flexibility of an initial 6-month contract with promising extension possibilities.
  3. Take pride in being part of an exclusive team working on cutting-edge technology, with a day rate ranging from €350 to €450.

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  • This responsibility involves identifying potential security threats and vulnerabilities and proposing appropriate solutions. It's crucial for staying ahead of evolving security risks.
  • Continuous monitoring ensures that security features are effectively implemented and alerts to any potential breaches. This proactive approach is vital for preventing and mitigating security incidents.
  • Proper documentation is fundamental for knowledge transfer within the team. Documenting security functions ensures that operational teams understand security protocols and procedures, leading to consistent and secure operations.
  • As technology evolves, migrating old equipment to new safety standards while providing support for legacy systems is critical. This ensures that the infrastructure remains secure and up-to-date, even during transitional phases.
  • Quick and effective troubleshooting, especially in crisis situations, is invaluable. Providing high-level support (L3+) ensures that complex issues are resolved promptly, minimizing potential damages during security incidents.

Experience & Skills 

  • Proficiency in Palo Alto and Fortinet Nextgen Firewalls
  • Expertise in VLAN networking, VRF, IP routing, switching, and VXLAN technologies
  • Knowledge of dynamic routing protocols such as OSPF and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
  • Familiarity with switching and packet analysis techniques
  • Required certifications in Cisco, Fortinet, or similar areas

Salary Details  

  • €350-€450 per day
  • 7 year programme 
  • Working for 2 huge companies 
  • Tons of Next Generation Technology
George McDonnell Network Consultant (Contract)

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