Systems Engineer - Aerospace & Defence

  • $150,000
  • Aberdeen [Maryland], USA
  • Permanent
  • 150000
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise Networking

Are you ready to revolutionize systems infrastructure equipment for the Army?

Join this team at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, as a Cryptographic Modernization Expert. You'll play a pivotal role in shaping the Army's future infrastructure and key management capabilities.

You'll spearhead the modernization roadmaps for the Army's COMSEC and key management equipment, ensuring compliance with Presidential, DoD, and Army mandates. Your expertise in Over-the-Network-Keying (OTNK) and transformative capabilities will drive enhanced key distribution capabilities for the warfighter.

Benefits of the Role:

  1. You'll engage in groundbreaking projects, influencing progress in cryptography and key management.
  2. You'll shape strategies, directly impacting the success of the Army Key Management Enterprise.
  3. You'll enjoy a flexible work culture, supporting your work-life balance and professional growth.

Thrive in the realm of defence at one of the nation's top engineering and systems integration centers.

Interested in revolutionizing systems infrastructure for the Army? Apply now for immediate consideration. Interviews are happening this week!

Role Responsibilities:

  • Develop and review strategies, policies, and technical specifications.
  • M
  • aintain the Army COMSEC Modernization Implementation Planning Guidance.
  • You'll create the Army Key Management Enterprise Roadmap.
  • You'll review and obtain approval for Army Key and Certificate Management Plans.

Required Skills & Experience:

  • Strong knowledge of cryptography and key management, especially NSA systems.
  • Technical experience with security protocols in Army mission environments.
  • Excellent communication skills for white papers, briefings, etc.
  • Ability to align technical capabilities with Army policy and non-technical requirements.

Salary & Benefits: 

  • Competitive salary: $150,000 base salary 
  • Health and dental insurance
  • Retirement plans and more

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