Highlights from Cisco Live 2024: AI, Hybrid Work, and Sustainability Innovations

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Cisco Live 2024, held from June 2-6 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, brou...

Cisco Live 2024, held from June 2-6 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, brought together technology enthusiasts and industry professionals to explore Cisco's latest innovations. This year's theme, "Redefine Possible," reflected Cisco's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in networking, AI, and sustainability. Here’s a comprehensive look at the key announcements and themes from the event.

AI Integration Across Platforms

One of the standout themes of Cisco Live 2024 was the integration of AI across Cisco's product portfolio. This year, Cisco introduced generative AI features in its Security Cloud and Webex platforms. These features are designed to enhance user experience and productivity with tools like meeting summaries, tone adjustments, translation, and chat summaries (TechTarget) (No Jitter).

Cisco also showcased the integration of Splunk with its observability tools, such as AppDynamics and ThousandEyes, aimed at providing comprehensive digital experience management and security (TechTarget). These advancements underscore Cisco's strategy to harness AI for improving business operations and security.

Enhancements to Webex

Webex, Cisco's flagship collaboration platform, saw several significant upgrades:

  1. Virtual AI Agent: Cisco introduced a native virtual AI agent for the Webex Contact Center, which includes features like Automatic Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Agent Wellness. These tools help measure and improve contact center performance by providing nuanced insights into customer interactions and agent well-being (No Jitter).

  2. Custom Dictionaries and AI Tools: Webex now supports AI Assistant Custom Dictionaries, allowing businesses to add industry-specific terms for more accurate meeting summaries. Additionally, AI tools for developers have been introduced to streamline documentation searches and coding assistance (No Jitter).

  3. New Integrations: Webex announced its integration with Apple TV 4K and support for the Apple Vision Pro virtual reality headset. These integrations expand Webex’s functionality, making it more accessible and versatile for users in different environments (No Jitter).

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability was another key focus at Cisco Live 2024. Cisco introduced "Low Carbon Mode" for Webex, a feature that optimizes energy consumption by adjusting app settings based on the user's environment. This initiative is part of Cisco's broader efforts to help businesses achieve their Net Zero goals by managing IT emissions more effectively (No Jitter).

Cisco's research highlighted that IT emissions account for about 4% of global carbon emissions, with 70% related to electricity usage. By incorporating sustainability features into its products, Cisco aims to significantly reduce these emissions and support businesses in their sustainability journeys.

Networking and AI Innovations

Cisco Live 2024 was also a platform for showcasing the company's latest networking and AI innovations. Cisco's partnership with Nvidia to enhance AI capabilities in network infrastructure and edge computing was a significant highlight (TechTarget). This collaboration aims to provide businesses with advanced tools for managing their network infrastructure more efficiently.

The event featured a variety of technology tracks, technical seminars, instructor-led labs, and certification testing, providing attendees with numerous opportunities to learn and grow in their respective fields.


Cisco Live 2024 was a testament to Cisco's vision of integrating AI into every aspect of its product portfolio, enhancing collaboration tools, and committing to sustainability. The announcements made at the event reflect Cisco's ongoing efforts to redefine what's possible in the realms of networking, security, and hybrid work. As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of the digital age, Cisco's innovations are poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of technology.

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