E12 - Chris Fuller at Obsidian Security

Oliver Linsley
Chris Fuller

By Oliver Linsley & Chris Fuller

On today’s episode, we are joined by Oliver Linsley, our host and Network Consultant and Chris Fuller, Principal Product and Solutions Architect at Obsidian Security. During this episode, Chris discusses some of the biggest changes he’s seen in the industry to date and how the transition to the cloud has given many cybersecurity organisations a lot of flexibility. He also shares what he thinks the most important thing to know is if you’re just starting out your career in the security field.

Chris has been lucky enough to have worked at some start-ups, including Shape Security, where he worked with some of the management team. He went through the acquisition, starting as a small European team, and eventually, the company was acquired by F5 just before the pandemic hit. Chris was naturally interested in cybersecurity and loved cybersecurity start-ups, so when the opportunity came up to join another start-up, he took it with both hands.

Biggest changes?

The transition to the cloud has been one of the most significant changes he has seen in the industry. It has given many cybersecurity organisations a lot of flexibility, particularly during the pandemic when remote work became the norm. However, it has also brought a whole new set of challenges.

According to Chris, the most crucial thing is to start with the fundamentals of security, whether it’s cloud or traditional security. The fundamentals remain the same, and building a strong foundation in security will set you up for success in any area of the field.

A significant challenge the security field is facing is the skills gap and finding qualified individuals to help with cybersecurity. With the increasing threat of cyberattacks, the demand for cybersecurity professionals has risen dramatically. However, there are not enough skilled individuals to fill these roles. This has created a skills gap that is challenging for organisations to overcome.

Another aspect that is starting to change is how cybersecurity is viewed within organisations. In the past, cybersecurity was often seen as a technical issue that only IT departments dealt with. However, as the threat of cyberattacks has increased, organisations are realising that cybersecurity is a business issue requiring a holistic approach. This means cybersecurity is being brought in at the leadership level and becoming a priority for organisations.

Big concerns?

A significant concern that Chris discussed is the impact of artificial intelligence on cybersecurity. While AI can be used to improve security, it can also be used by attackers to carry out more sophisticated attacks.

One potential area of concern is voice generation, which can be used to bypass banking checks, for example. Attackers could use AI-generated voice to impersonate individuals, gain access to sensitive information, or perform unauthorised transactions. This could erode trust in the security measures that are currently in place, as individuals may not be able to trust that the person, they are speaking to is who they say they are.

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