E15 - Chris Campbell at HackerOne

Lewis West
Chris Campbell

By Lewis West & Chris Campbell

On today’s episode of the Security Vendor spin-off series, we’re joined by our Head of Cybersecurity, Lewis West and special guest, Chris Campbell, Solutions Engineer at HackerOne. During this episode, Chris talks to us about some of the most important things he’s learnt during his journey into the security space. He stresses the importance of having a generalist mindset and shares how this will serve you well if you’re considering a career in the security industry. Chris also talks to us about HackerOne and some of the current exciting things they are working on.

Chris’s journey into the cybersecurity industry is a great example of how you don’t necessarily need a traditional background or qualifications to get into the field. As he shared with us, he started off studying computer science as his undergraduate degree and worked in programming for several years. However, he realised that he wasn’t passionate about it and started looking for non-programming roles after graduation.

It was then that an opportunity in cybersecurity came around, and he landed his first role as a Solutions Engineer at DarkTrace without any prior qualifications. While this may seem like a daunting prospect, Chris was able to learn on the job and level up his skills with an AWS qualification before working towards his CISSP.

Most important thing Chris has learnt…

Chris emphasises the importance of having a generalist mindset and that it’s a valuable lesson for anyone considering a career in cybersecurity. While it’s essential to have a solid understanding of specific technologies and frameworks, being able to adapt to new challenges and turn your hand to multiple different things is what sets successful cybersecurity professionals apart.


Chris is now working at HackerOne, the largest ethical hacking organisation in the world. Ethical hacking is an important aspect of cybersecurity, as it involves hacking into systems with the aim of identifying vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious attackers. As Chris mentioned, one of the exciting things they are working on is launching a new secure code review feature.

The future looks bright for HackerOne, as they continue to innovate and develop its platform to meet the evolving needs of its customers. As the demand for cybersecurity services continues to grow, organisations like HackerOne play a critical role in helping businesses stay ahead of emerging threats.

Chris’s advice to those looking to get into cybersecurity is valuable, and it highlights the many opportunities that exist within the industry. With the growing demand for cybersecurity professionals, there are plenty of roles available that can provide value to businesses in various ways.

It’s essential to keep an open mind when looking for cybersecurity roles and not feel pigeonholed into a specific job or skill set. As Chris mentions, if you choose a role and work in it for a few years, you can always move on to other areas of cybersecurity that interest you. There are many transferable skills in cybersecurity, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and attention to detail, that can be applied to different roles and industries.

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