E20 - Alex Saroyan at Netris

Matthew Ayres
Alex Saroyan

By Matthew Ayres & Alex Saroyan

On today’s episode of the Security Vendor spin-off series, we are joined by our host Matthew Ayres and our special guest, Alex Saroyan, CEO and Co-Founder of Netris. During the episode, the pair discuss a variety of topics including his start in the Networking world and where his passion stemmed from. Alex also tells us more about how he started up Netris and the services they have to offer to their customers.

Alex’s love of technology and networking began during his middle school years. Fascinated by computers, he decided to dive into programming, enrolling in a course that opened the doors to a whole new world. It was at this moment that he realised his genuine affinity for the field and its potential to shape the future.

A friend of his father, a seasoned network engineer, recognised his enthusiasm and approached him. Encouraged by his father’s friend, he delved deeper into the world of networking, exploring potential career paths and the interesting things he could learn.

In the early stages of his career, he was eager to make an impact on the industry. However, he admits that his initial approach focused primarily on learning concepts at a high level. While this broad understanding proved valuable, it was only when he began to recognise the importance of diving into the low-level stuff of his field that his perspective transformed.

The Route to Networking…

Alex experienced a crossroads when he found himself torn between his love for music and the world of networking. He contemplated pursuing a career as a DJ before ultimately realising his true calling lay with networking.

Alex’s career has been marked by encounters with intricate technical puzzles and complex organisational dilemmas. Yet, rather than being discouraged, he has embraced these challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation. He recognises that in the face of complexity lies the potential for ground-breaking solutions.


Netris has positioned itself as a go-to solution provider for organisations operating private cloud infrastructures. Recognising the challenges faced by such organisations in managing their infrastructure manually or building in-house automation, Netris steps in to streamline operations and drive efficiency.

However, this comes with its own set of daily challenges. Many engineers within organisations operating private cloud infrastructure are more accustomed to working in the realm of public cloud services. Their experiences and expertise predominantly lie in that domain. This creates a knowledge gap when it comes to low-level infrastructure management.

Drawing from his own journey, Alex offers valuable advice to those considering starting their own company. He says that fear is a natural part of the process, particularly when juggling responsibilities such as family and children. However, he encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace the fear and not let it hinder their progress.

Tune in on the 23/05/2023 to hear the full episode!