E6 - Adonis Sardiñas at Fortinet

Harry Baily
Adonis Sardiñas

By Harry Baily & Adonis Sardiñas

On the 6th episode of our Security Vendor spin-off series, we were joined by Harry Bailey and Adonis Sardiñas, System Engineer at Fortinet. During the episode, they discuss how Adonis made the transition from IT to Cybersecurity and shares what the best route to take is if you want to move into the Cybersecurity field. He also talks about his role at Fortinet as a System Engineer and some of the challenges he faces alongside the other hats he wears other than his day job.

Adonis’s journey to his current position is a unique one that showcases the power of connections and taking opportunities when they present themselves. It all started when an acquaintance of Adonis recommended he apply for a role at Fortinet. Without hesitation, Adonis jumped into the opportunity and the rest is history. It was a competitive interview process but what gave him a boost was his strong network. It gave him an upper hand as he knew a lot of the team already which helped him from a personality standpoint.

Adonis has always had a passion for IT and problem-solving. From a young age, he was always taking things apart and putting them back together, eager to understand how they worked. He was lucky enough that the middle school he went to had a student system program in which he had access to computers. He was fascinated by computer tech and being able to fix them. He went into being a tech assistant which spearheaded his choice to go into IT as a career.

Transitioning from IT to Cybersecurity…

Adonis’s journey into cybersecurity was made easier by his strong IT background. However, he recognises that this isn’t the case for everyone and that having an IT background is not the end-all.

System Engineer @ Fortinet…

For Adonis, his role at Fortinet ticks all the boxes when it comes to what employees want in a new role. He is well-compensated, finds the work to be engaging and fulfilling, and feels appreciated for his contributions. But what Adonis values most about his position is the opportunity to help customers solve business problems and provide solutions that make a real impact.

As a System Engineer at Fortinet, Adonis is on the front lines of helping customers tackle complex issues and find the right solutions for their needs. He takes pride in his ability to make a difference for his customers and feels fulfilled by the work he does every day.

Being looked upon as a trusted advisor is one of the biggest challenges of Adonis’s role at Fortinet. However, it’s also one of the most rewarding aspects of his job. His team come to him for guidance and advice and it’s up to Adonis to provide reliable and accurate information.

He is also the Chairman of the Board of Cybersecurity Advisors for a local college in Miami, where he is able to share his expertise with students and help them prepare for careers in the field.

To listen to the full episode, tune in on 09/02/2023!