Luise Frohberg- Episode 37- Women in Tech Series

Luise Frohberg

By Luise Frohberg

On this week’s episode of The Route to Networking podcast, we are joined by Senior Network Consultant Holly Staff and Founder of Taara.Quest, Luise Frohberg. They discuss how gaming led to the creation of an innovative technology start-up and how overcoming fear can be the biggest hurdle to success.

Discovering gaming 

Luise's background is in policy development, where she was passionate about supporting women in their careers, seeking out opportunities to support them wherever she could. When lockdown hit and she was stuck at home with her four children, she was challenged with finding ways to keep them entertained whilst also connecting with them. So, she decided to join them when they were gaming. Her two eldest boys were playing Minecraft, Fortnite, and Grand Theft Auto. When she stepped into the gaming world, she realized just how closely the games can mimic real-life scenarios. It was in this moment that the idea for Taara.Quest was realized. She wondered why there was no virtual world for women to try things out in a safe space.

This led Luise to build the idea first in Minecraft, where she invited her network of leaders and industry professionals to try it out and share their thoughts on the concept. Luise received a wave of positive feedback for the platform. People shared how they were able to lose inhibitions, complexes, and doubts, allowing them to connect in a much more authentic way. Last year, Taara.Quest was awarded an innovation grant, enabling them to build a stand-alone, always-on AI tool. 

Luise’s advice

Luise’s advice for people just getting started in their careers is to learn to put their fear aside. When fear feels big and persistent, start with small actions that lead you to your goal.

“Breaking it apart to let courage win is something I advise other women to do.”

When it comes to skills, Luise emphasizes the importance of agility in a rapidly changing professional environment. She notes that in 20 years, management, leadership, and the jobs available may look very different. However, having the ability to be a quick learner with an agile, innovative mindset enables us to quickly adapt to new demands.

Looking ahead 

When asked about her plans for the future, Luise is just getting started. Her dream is to reach as many women as possible worldwide, particularly focusing on areas where they lack economic means, financial backing from their companies, or training and development budgets to provide supportive tools such as Taara.Quest. Beyond this, Luise is determined to ensure that women’s voices, needs, and ideas are not excluded from the transformative era of AI, spatial computing, and quantum computing. Her political background fuels this passion, having witnessed the power shifts and conflicts arising from such changes. Luise's current work ensures that women aren't left behind.

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