Mark LaManna- Episode 146

Mark  LaManna

By Mark LaManna

On this episode of The Route to Networking Podcast, our host James Dean chats with Mark LaManna, White House Veteran, and esteemed industry specialist. 

Mark's fascination with technology traces back to his school days where his love for gaming with his friends ignited his curiosity about connectivity and networking. This early interest paved the way for his eventual career in cabling, a decision fuelled by his dissatisfaction with traditional schooling methods. Mark also shares that the installation of the internet in his own home was a catalyst for his career choice, as his interaction with the cabling professionals inspired him to enter the industry. Interestingly, this same internet installer later played a crucial role in helping him secure a job, creating a full-circle moment in his journey.

Entering the cabling industry during its early stages posed challenges. There were limited job opportunities available and a lack of accessible training programmes to acquire the necessary skills. Undeterred, Mark sought alternative ways to learn and advance, leading him to enlist in the Military as a cable installer. This decision not only provided him with hands-on experience but also served as a stepping stone for his career progression. 

Mark’s military journey took him to Iraq where he underwent an intensive crash course in building and maintaining connectivity amidst the challenging circumstances of an active war around him. Arguably one of the most intense environments to gain experience in, this quickly honed his technical expertise and resilience, preparing him for future endeavours. After eighteen months in Iraq, Mark returned to the US securing himself a role in the White House Communications Team for after his next deployment in Japan. 

Working at the White House

One of the defining chapters in Mark’s career was his role as a Presidential Communicator for the White House Communications Agency. He vividly recounts the profound impact of his White House tenure. 

“You never forget that feeling, of walking through the White House for the first time”.

Managing critical telecommunications infrastructure during high-pressure situations and navigating complex environments were everyday challenges that enriched his skill set and leadership abilities. These experiences became the foundation of his expertise, setting him apart as a seasoned industry professional. 

Looking forward

In his next role, Mark is passionate about giving back to the industry that shaped his career. Drawing from the key learning experiences and management guidance he picked up in the military, he is eager to mentor and guide emerging talent. His vision for the future includes fostering mentorship opportunities and nurturing the next generation of networking professionals. 

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