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We deliver recruitment solutions to pioneering firms in low latency trading networks, financial exchanges, and fintech infrastructure globally, our customers either employ trading strategies and provide liquidity to financial markets, where they need their networks to transfer billions of dollars and data daily or facilitate services to be enabled to do so.

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Shaping brands with enterprise finance network engineers

We assist market-leading trading and FinTech firms in providing engineers that ensure lightning-fast and reliable connectivity, minimizing latency to maximize trading performance, these engineers have the skills to design, support and automate fintech technology that helps our customers make data-driven decisions to enhance trading strategies and improve network performance. 

What we do

In a highly competitive market where being second into the financial exchange can mean missing out on billions of dollars to their competitors, meaning our customers have to have the competitive edge when it comes to the speed of their network in which what makes them money, the technologies are highly niche for example, the multicast protocol which spits out market data instantaneously from service providers such as Bloomberg to traders globally at nanoseconds, with us being a network engineer focused agency means we have the edge to provide high-quality network engineers, we help our customers’ ability to build complex, yet robust network topologies that can handle large amounts of data at high speeds within low latency infrastructure  

Transforming enterprise finance networking careers

Clients are always looking at getting ahead of their competitors, so they are always on the hunt for engineers that can assist in driving new exchange connectivity to increase revenue streams, they look for engineers that can bring new ideas on how they can drive the needle in taking their network and infrastructure forward, it’s a highly secretive market due to the nature of the secret sauce that goes into powering the network, with the fintech landscape ever-changing for example financial instruments diversifying from traditional trades into digital assets, as always network engineers are having to increasingly add further skills such as cloud technologies and automation tools to stay ahead of the curve  

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