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Our mission is to source and deliver the best talent in the radio frequency space

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We have a specialised team that focus in the RF space. Radio Frequency is essentially the fundamental aspect of any wireless technology, and therefore covers a variety of different roles and responsibilities that we recruit for including: 

  • RF Design and architecture 
  • RF Installs including Rigging 
  • RF Networks support 
  • RF Field Engineering 
  • Radio Access Networks 
  • Pre-sales 

In addition to this, we also support a number Satellite companies with networking roles that require RF skills, or indeed experience with specific vendors. 


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Our Expertise

We help companies in the Radio frequency space scale up by finding quality talent with skills in RF, Mobile and VSAT technologies. By utilising our organically grown talent pool, we can find suitable candidates in a space where it can be hard to find quality engineers due to a lack of certification schemes and educational pathways. 

What we do

We have assisted a variety of companies scale their businesses, allowing them to take on new contracts/customers, and therefore generate increased revenue. A couple of success stories below include: 

  • Helping a Satellite service provider scale their field engineering team by placing 11x security cleared engineers over a 2-month hiring period to meet an increase in workload. This was required a result of the customer winning a major defence contract, meaning they needed to hire at pace to meet SLAs 
  • Placing 8x Radio Engineers at an MNO during a growth phase within their team, ensuring they could meet expansion deadlines of their UK-wide network.  

Transforming careers with RF engineer jobs

Many customers we work with find it difficult to hire engineers with RF skills due to the lack of certifications in the industry, as well as the immense investment into the fibre space over the past 10 years, resulting in a skills shortage in the market. Consulting with clients and utilising a solutions-based approach has ensured we have been able to meet the hiring requirements for a wide variety of companies and skills. 

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If you’re looking to hire a contractor to help scale your business or are a hungry candidate seeking the latest Radio Frequency jobs, we can help. Get in touch with one of our contract recruiters and power your future with us today. 

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