Luna Barnes | Hamilton Barnes

Luna Barnes

Chief Barking Officer (CBO)

I'm Luna, your CBO at Hamilton Barnes, and let me tell you, I'm the top dog when it comes to bringing the "pawsitive" vibes to the office.

They say I'm just a three-year-old Shibu Innu, but trust me, I've got more tricks up my furry sleeves than you can shake a stick at. 

My journey with Hamilton Barnes started when I was a wee pup, chosen to defend the office at all costs.

My day always kicks off with a grand entrance and a wag-tastic greeting for all my colleagues. Those early morning meetings? Well, let's just say they're a lot less "ruff" with me around.
My very important roles and responsibilities includes:

  • I've got a nose for sniffing out solutions and a knack for creating a "pawsitive" work atmosphere. While I can't type emails or answer phones (paws aren't very conducive to keyboards), I sure know how to bring a wag-nificent vibe to the office.
  • When it comes to finding answers to those head-scratching problems, I'm the top dog on the case. My keen instincts and dogged determination make me a true "ruff"essional in tackling challenges.
  • I'm a firm believer in the power of a well-timed paws break. My presence reminds the team to take a breather and come back with tails held high, ready to conquer the day.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work, and I'm all about fostering collaboration. Whether it's a game of fetch or a project deadline, I know that together, we can achieve paw-some results.
  • Catch me basking in the sunbeams by the window, reminding everyone to appreciate the simple joys in life. Sunbathing is an art form, and I'm a true connoisseur.
  • My impeccable sense of timing ensures that nobody forgets snack-o-clock. I'm always here to share my wisdom on the importance of a well-timed treat break.

So, when you swing by Hamilton Barnes, don't forget to say hi to yours truly, Luna! I'm here to bring smiles, tail wags, and a reminder that sometimes, life is just better with a furry friend by your side.

If you do swing by… I  am very fond of extra treats and belly rubs. After all, a pampered pup is a productive pup, right?