Victoria Clarke | Hamilton Barnes

Victoria Clarke

Head of Content Production

Hi nice to meet you I'm Victoria, a few facts about me...

  • Live out in the sticks.
  • Can't spell to save my life. 
  • Best meal prep in the office.

I'm the Head of Content Production at Hamilton Barnes and Founder of our podcast, the Route to Networking.

The Route to Networking podcast focuses on discussing Networking-related topics with industry specialists.

Learn from some of the biggest names in the Networking space, including industry specialists and evangelists chatting about all things networking, and emerging tech, and offering that golden nugget of career advice to Networking Professionals.

As well the  Networking series, we have three spin-off series including 'Women in Tech', 'Security Vendor' and 'Fibre Edition' which are all aimed at targeting neurodiversity

Our women in technology podcast is one close to home.  As a business, we are passionate about helping women secure a successful career in technology, with 18% of our placements being female.  We have mentorship programmes to help drive this and a variety of PR surrounding this.

As of September 2023, we have:

🔥 Recorded over 170 episodes
🔥 Released over 200 episodes
🔥 Hit over 40K downloads
We have also become a Top 100 podcast in:

🌎 UK
🌎 South Africa
🌎 Romania
🌎 The Netherlands
🌎 Guatemala

Interested in featuring on our podcast? We are always looking for new guests, so if you'd like to jump on a call to learn more just drop me a message!

Or any general enquiries surrounding collaboration please reach out.