5 of the most in-demand tech skills your business needs

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Today, the variety of top tech skills needed to keep pace with the demands of the digital wo...

Today, the variety of top tech skills needed to keep pace with the demands of the digital world is immense as the breadth of broadband broadens and the tech sector burgeons like a blown-up balloon. From cloud computing to laying cables to protect against cyberattacks, the tech workforce faces enormous challenges to keep us functioning in the way modern society has become accustomed to whilst continually innovating and offering economies of scale.

In May 2023, Hays conducted a study that revealed that around 95% of employers in need of tech talent had experienced a tech skills shortage in the past year, a rise from the 89% recorded in the previous year. But what are the most in-demand tech skills employers are looking for? In this guide, we will answer this question by taking a look at 5 of the top tech skills needed for tech jobs. 

What tech skills are in demand?

Shortages in skills needed for tech jobs threaten to hinder technological progress since companies aren’t able to invest in additional headcounts to meet their growth. The talent simply isn’t available or isn’t skilled in the right areas, and therefore a robust recruitment strategy and upskilling training and development blueprints should be put in place to combat these issues. 

So, what tech skills are in demand? From cyber security to UX and UI, let’s explore the 5 top tech skills in demand right now - the tech skills your business needs. 

  1. Cyber Security

While the pandemic saw many industries forced to make cutbacks, cyber security grew at breakneck speed due to soaring cybercrime as people worked from home using unsecured networks. Despite the rise in cyber-attacks, cyber security is facing a global skills shortage of 3.5 million experienced professionals.

As cybercriminals continue to adapt to industry changes and become more sophisticated, businesses are wising up to the risk of falling foul to cyber attacks, and investment in the sector is ramping up accordingly. Those with even a fundamental understanding of cyber, for example, gained via the CompTIA Security+ certification, have the necessary tech skills that businesses are eager to acquire.  

Whether it's performing risk assessments to determine and develop innovative and effective ways to handle sensitive information, ensuring a business remains compliant, to ultimately protecting an organisation's data from breaches, it's no doubt that cyber security is one of the most in-demand tech skills of the modern world digital.

  1. Cloud Computing

Next on our list of the top 5 most in-demand tech skills your business needs is cloud computing. The rise of cloud computing is surging since organisations increasingly depend on accessing our data remotely, from software to storage and other services. Data provided by Gartner reveals that 82% of businesses consider cloud migration an essential part of their digital transformation. 

Experts with tech skills in cloud network engineering and security architects and consultants are therefore highly sought after by businesses worldwide. From building applications, which requires expertise in programming languages such as JavaScript, SQL and Python, to DevOps, which aims to improve the efficiency of an organisation’s delivery of its services, there are as many tech skills needed as there are roles available. 

Since DevOps combines both ‘development’ and ‘operations’ processes, its specialists need technical know-how, such as how to code and test programmes, and logistical skills, such as communication and collaboration skills. Engineers are also often required to communicate with various stakeholders, so the power of people skills should not be overlooked when it comes to cloud computing talent. 

  1. Data Analytics

Data analytics skills are also in high demand, now more than ever, as companies of all shapes and sizes, across all sectors, from banks to retailers, to marketing agencies, to pharmaceutical companies, look to capitalise on the available data. The opportunity to identify trends in consumer behaviour to drive sales, for example, is too great for companies to take advantage of.

Today, the best data analysts – much like DevOps engineers – possess a blend of practical tech skills and personal capabilities. Rarely do analysts simply go through the data. Instead, they are required to produce reports and present information to non-technical colleagues with their recommendations through data storytelling. 

Businesses are always seeking talent with a keen eye for detail and problem-solving skills that allow them to analyse and interpret data, but also the ability to communicate effectively to advise on what can be done with these insights - be it entering different markets, enhancing marketing strategies and identifying new products and services. 

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Another of the top tech skills in demand refers to the innovative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The AI and ML sector has grown at a staggering rate, with total spending on AI alone expected to reach $500 billion in 2023.

AI and ML are not only a space showing great promise within the tech world but also rapidly changing how organisations operate. Despite its limitations, the emergence of platforms like the chatbot ChatGPT demonstrates how we're taking giant leaps towards developing computer systems that can learn for themselves. 

While ChatGPT has come under some flak for the prospect that it will diminish our creativity as humans, similar systems that understand consumers' concerns can provide improved customer support, with fraud detection being a significant benefit of such algorithms. Aside from mathematics and computer science fundamentals, an understanding of data modelling and how to apply datasets to different AI and ML algorithms is crucial for an IT engineer.

Some of the other benefits of getting top tech skills into your business that cater to AI and ML include the following: 

  • It helps your companies automate tasks, saving you time and money

  • Enhances decision-making by analysing data and identifying patterns

  • Assists with the personalisation of your products and services, which can improve customer satisfaction

  • Improves your network security and data protection

  • Supports the development of new and improved products and services

With the increasing demand for AI and ML tech skills, now is a great time to invest in talent to futureproof your business. 

  1. User Experience (UX) Design

Our final entry in the top 5 most in-demand tech skills is User Experience UX design. According to sources, for every $1 invested in UX design, $100 is expected in return, so when regarding developing and designing products and online applications, UX is highly valuable. 

By hiring talent with UX design skills, your business can reduce the costs needed for customer support, as your user experience will be of the highest quality to satisfy and meet your customers' needs- enhancing your organisation's reputation. UX design tech skills can also help define your customer journeys and create better user flows, culminating in increased conversion rates and customer loyalty for your business.  

Talent with top tech skills in UX design can go a long way to optimising a business's online presence, enhancing SEO rankings, improving bounce rates, and positively impacting website traffic. Ultimately, UX design tech skills are essential for fulfilling user needs and humanising the products offered by a business.


Rounding everything up

Bringing one, a combination, or all five of the most in-demand tech skills into your business is a surefire way of futureproofing your organisation with the tech skills to set you up for long-term success. Whether you need a data analyst or cyber security specialist, when determining which talent you need to bring into your business, ensure they have the relevant and up-to-date skills you need to overcome your skills gaps to pioneer growth for your organisation. 

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