E113 - Keith Glynn at Sygian Vortex Security Consultants

Antonio Costa
Keith Glynn

By Antonio Costa & Keith Glynn

This Thursday our Senior Vice President, Antonio Costa, was joined by Keith Glynn, the Managing Partner at Stygian Vortex Security Consultants. Antonio and Keith discuss a range of topics including the importance of companies being resilient against hackers and the best ways to prevent a cyber-attack. They also delve into exploring what causes success in this field, one of those things being a passion for the industry.

Keith grew up with two family members already working in telecommunications, for the New York Telephone Company, which is essentially where it all started for him. His grandad worked as a lineman and then eventually went to work in their central offices in Manhattan. His father, after being in the navy, became a lineman but quickly went into the central offices helping design and scale their larger central offices, which at the time were the largest central offices in the world. Growing up with a background in that area, after seeing the opportunities grow around the 2000 era, he moved into IT and eventually moved into security a few years later.

To become successful in the field it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about enjoying it enough that it continues to drive you. The three main skills Keith suggests you need are:

Focused. Push things aside and learn how to focus on them and ensure you have a great attention span.

Being courageous enough to stay focused and

being curious and staying open-minded.


To those who are just starting out their career in the Networking space, it’s important to make sure you are doing what you enjoy. If you do something you don’t like, it’ll be torture and you will eventually hit a wall. Equally, if you do something you like, you’re at risk of burnout. Finding that middle ground is essential as it’ll drive you forward. Take advantage of the time you have as it’ll allow you to focus on combatting burnout if it ever arises.

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