E122 - Girard Kavelines at Helient Systems

Harry Baily
Girard Kavelines

By Harry Baily & Girard Kavelines

On today’s episode of The Route to Networking podcast, our host Harry Bailey was joined by Girard Kavelines, Manages Services Systems Analyst at Helient Systems, CEO of Dynamic IT Solutions and Technical Writer and Blogger for TechHouse570. During this episode, they discuss where it all started for Girard and the journey, he went on to get to where he is today. Girard shares his best advice for anybody looking to get into the industry and the skills required to succeed.

Girard didn’t start his blogging and content creation adventures for fame or fortune. Nope, his main goal was to lend a helping hand to people trying to navigate the tech universe. His very first blog post made a real impact, and that was just the beginning. Girard’s desire to assist others quickly snowballed into a full-blown mission, catapulting him to where he is today.

When you’re as talented and knowledgeable as Girard, good things tend to happen. One of those good things was his invitation to join the exclusive Cisco Champions Program. Think of it as a VIP club for tech gurus who make waves in the networking world. Girard’s inclusion in this prestigious group cemented his status as a top player in the industry and opened doors to exciting collaborations and endless opportunities.

Girard’s fascination with technology began during his teenage years. Girard gets grounded but as fate would have it, he stumbles upon a Dell computer hiding in the family basement. Curiosity piqued, he starts tinkering with the insides of the computer and the rest was history.

The best route to take?

When it comes to breaking into the IT industry, Girard believes that pursuing a trade school or college education is the way to go. According to Girard, having a formal education in the field provides invaluable knowledge and skills that can set you up for success in the tech world. Girard emphasises the importance of applying yourself and truly delving into the learning process.

Technical Writer and Blogger for TechHouse570

Sometimes, the path to discovering your true calling involves introspection and a bit of soul-searching. Girard embarked on a journey of self-discovery that led him to become a passionate technical writer. Through a combination of his love for technology and English, Girard found his niche and started a blog that allowed him to share his knowledge while giving back to others.

Girard’s realisation came when he took the time to sit down with himself and reflect on his passions. He discovered that he had a deep affection for two things: technology and the English language. Armed with this understanding, he decided to merge these two interests by creating a blog where he could express his thoughts, insights, and expertise in a way that would resonate with others.

Girard understands that individuals come with different personality types and strengths. The industry welcomes both introverts and extroverts, and it’s essential to acknowledge that it may not be a perfect fit for everyone. Girard emphasises the importance of recognising and leveraging individual strengths and weaknesses, ensuring proper placement to foster success and growth within the industry.

For those aspiring to enter the industry, Girard offers a valuable piece of advice: Find something you love and are willing to pour your heart and soul into. The key to success in the industry lies in pursuing your passion rather than simply chasing monetary rewards. While financial benefits may come as a perk, genuine love for the field should always take precedence.

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