E126 - Elvin Arias Soto at Cisco

Oliver Linsley
Elvin Arias Soto

By Oliver Linsley & Elvin Arias Soto

On today’s episode of The Route to Networking podcast, our host Ollie Linsley was joined by Elvin Arias Soto, High Touch Engineer at Cisco. During today’s episode, Elvin shares what he’s learnt during his time in the Networking space and a lesson that he wasn’t taught in the books. Elvin also gives us his recommendations on the best networking groups to join and how he landed himself as a prominent person in the networking community.

Elvin’s journey began at ITLA, the very institute where he would later become an instructor. Surprisingly, he hadn’t initially planned on pursuing a career in networking. Elvin enrolled in university to study economics until a friend informed him about an institute offering high-tech job opportunities. Intrigued, Elvin decided to explore this path and ventured into the world of networking. He obtained certifications such as CCNA and Security+ while gaining valuable experience in the field.

Elvin’s passion for networking led him to become a substitute teacher for various networking classes after completing his own training. His dedication and expertise propelled him to take on a more active role, eventually becoming a trainer for CCNA and IT Essentials courses. During this time, he gained his skills, further solidifying his knowledge and preparing him for the challenges that lay ahead.

Eager to broaden his professional horizons, Elvin relocated to Mexico, which was a decision that would prove instrumental in pushing his career forward. In Mexico, he had the opportunity to meet influential people who played pivotal roles in his journey. Elvin’s dedication and expertise did not go unnoticed. His journey led him to an extraordinary opportunity—speaking at Cisco Live.

One of the key lessons Elvin learnt is the importance of being passionate about what you do. He highlights that true passion for networking cannot be taught through external factors alone; it must come from within. He also shares the importance of taking ownership of your work and responsibilities. Elvin’s willingness to go above and beyond his assigned tasks not only gained the respect of his peers but also positioned him as a leader within the networking community.

Cisco Learning Networking Community

During his answers for knowledge, Elvin stumbled upon the Cisco Learning networking community. Intrigued by the wealth of information available, Elvin delved into the community’s forums in search of answers to his own questions. Prompted by his extensive knowledge and eagerness to help others, he shared his expertise and provided a comprehensive answer. Little did he know that this simple act would mark the beginning of his reputation as a knowledgeable contributor within the community.


Elvin says it’s important to master the fundamentals of any subject or field. By understanding the core principles, you can gain a strong base to build your knowledge and expertise.

A mentor can provide invaluable guidance, support, and inspiration on the path to success. Elvin says a lot of his motivation and perseverance was by the help of mentors he has had.

He also says to try and give back to the community by sharing knowledge and documenting experiences. When you acquire new insights or learn something valuable, you have an opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of others.