E132 - Graham Wilde at Three Group Solutions

Louis Parratt
Graham Wilde

By Louis Parratt & Graham Wilde

On today’s episode of The Route to Networking podcast, we’re joined by our host Louis Parratt and special guest, Graham Wilde, Head of 5G Business Development at Three Group Solutions.

During this episode, Graham shares valuable advice for anyone looking for professional and personal development, how his psychology degree has been useful in the technology space, and how, in another life, he might work in consumer marketing.

Early Beginnings

Graham’s journey began with an academic curiosity that would later prove to be profoundly relevant to his career. At university, he studied psychology, focusing on the intricate workings of the brain at a technical level. Little did he know that this would find its application in the world of technology, where models inspired by the human brain play a crucial role in making sense of cutting-edge advancements.

Stepping into the Telecoms World

Upon completing his studies, Graham found himself at a crossroads, unsure of the path he wanted to pursue. He utilised a graduate directory, applying to various companies that accepted psychology graduates, and fortuitously, he was offered a position at a telecoms company. This first job marked the beginning of his journey in the telecoms industry, where he initially worked for UK Broadband before its acquisition by ThreeUK. 

A different life

Graham’s career could have been very different. He shares how when he worked with at UK Broadband he found himself impressed and interested by the consumer marketing that they were delivering for fixed wireless access services. This unique role allowed him to exercise both his creative instincts and analytical mindset, crafting and implementing extensive marketing campaigns across various mediums. He fondly recalls moments when he witnessed his hard work splashed across buses, billboards, and even the iconic Piccadilly Circus in London.

AI in Telecommunications

As technology advanced, Graham embraced the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in managing and optimising networks. He recognized AI’s potential to ensure real-time traffic management, identify anomalies, and enhance security. While he welcomes the increasing use of AI in the field, he emphasises the need for continuous monitoring to avoid disruptions and ensure the reliability of critical telecom services. Drawing a fascinating analogy, he likens working with AI to overseeing a team of exceptionally bright kids, who occasionally make mistakes that need careful supervision.

Vision for the Future

In his current role, Graham takes immense pride in leading a team that builds industrial networks on a global scale. They have taken on demanding projects, including building out critical national infrastructure, which requires a flawless operation to ensure the smooth functioning of vital services. Looking ahead, he envisions a world where technological advancements will bring people and devices closer together, transforming the way we interact with technology.

Valuable Life Lessons

Throughout his career, Graham has gleaned invaluable insights and wisdom that he generously shares with the next generation. He emphasises the importance of understanding your own strengths and personality to find the right career fit, a gentle nod to his psychology days. Being open to trying new things and seeking out what brings joy and fulfilment is vital, especially during the early stages of a professional journey. He encourages young professionals to surround themselves with great people, both skilled and amiable, fostering a positive and cooperative work environment. Additionally, he underlines the significance of aligning personal values with job purposes, as finding meaning in your work can be a powerful motivator. Moreover, Graham advises recognising and addressing weaknesses and complementing them by surrounding yourself with individuals who possess the skills and traits in which you may lack proficiency.

Tune in on the 25/07/2023 to hear the full episode!