E133 - Bruce Davie at Systems Approach LLC

Bruce Davie

By Bruce Davie

On today’s episode of The Route to Networking podcast, we’re joined by our host Mitchell Cole and special guest Bruce Davie, Co-Founder, Author, and Publisher at Systems Approach LLC. During today’s episode, they discuss the inspiration behind starting Systems Approach LLC and some of the daily challenges they face as a business. Bruce also shares some valuable advice to aspiring engineers looking to enter this exciting industry.

Systems Approach LLC

Bruce, along with a long-time collaborator of his, Larry Peterson, set on a new venture that Bruce fondly refers to as his “retirement job.” It’s not quite being retired, but rather a business born out of their passion for sharing knowledge and shaping the careers of aspiring engineers.

Bruce and Larry’s partnership dates back to the 90s when they first started writing books together. Larry had initially authored a book on computer networks, but he soon realised that he needed the help of Bruce. Bruce became a co-author on the project, and together they published their groundbreaking book, “Computer Networks: A Systems Approach.” The success of this first book laid the foundation for an enduring partnership and became the start of Systems Approach LLC.

Transition Period

Transitioning from high-pressure roles like VP and CTO at a large enterprise like VMware to becoming a founder of his own company was a big change for Bruce. But this allowed him to pursue his dream and find a sense of fulfilment that he hadn’t experienced before.

As a VP covering the entire APAC region, he faced a lot of pressure that came with the role. While the job was rewarding, it also brought along its share of stress. Bruce came to realise that continuing this level of intensity for an extended period could lead to burnout.

Daily Challenges

As founders of Systems Approach LLC, they encounter several daily challenges that come from the rapidly evolving nature of technology and the huge amount of information available. One of the biggest hurdles they face is determining where to focus their efforts in an industry that is constantly changing. In the world of tech, advancements happen at such a fast pace. As a result, it becomes essential for a company like Systems Approach LLC, which provides educational materials and resources, to stay up to date with the latest developments.


One of the key pieces of advice he gives to aspiring networking professionals is the importance of developing strong communication skills. Throughout his career, he has witnessed the power of effective communication in the technology industry.

Bruce remembers a moment in the early stages of his career when he attended a talk given by a leading figure on the internet. The speaker’s ability to articulate ideas in a compelling way left a lasting impression on him. It made him realise that communication skills are what set top-tier researchers and professionals apart from others.

Being an expert in a particular technology is undoubtedly valuable, but it is equally important to have a mindset that embraces change and growth. Changing to new developments is essential to remain competitive and effective as a networking professional.

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