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E135 - Arthur Spähnle at NTS Deutschland GmbH

Seb Dean
Arthur Spähnle

By Seb Dean & Arthur Spähnle

On today’s episode of The Route to Networking podcast, we’re joined by our host Seb Dean, Head of Enterprise Germany here at Hamilton Barnes and Arthur Spähnle, Senior Systems Engineer at NTS Deutschland GmbH. During today’s episode, Arthur shares his journey of getting his CCIE and the perseverance that it took to complete it after 5 attempts. Arthur also discusses his current role at NTS and some of the roles and responsibilities he takes on as the Senior Systems Engineer.

Arthur’s journey into the world of technology started from an unexpected source – a small store selling TVs owned by a friend of his parents. Despite not being that enthusiastic about academics during his school years, he was offered a trainee position at the store.

During his training at the TV store, Arthur discovered an interest in working with technology. As he spent more time learning, he realised that his true passion lay in the tech field. After completing his three-year training, he landed a role at a company specialising in WiFi solutions for hotels. This job marked the beginning of his hands-on experience with WiFi technology and was the turning point in his career.

His role at the WiFi solutions company took him on the road frequently, offering invaluable exposure to real-world networking scenarios but his desire for a more stable work environment led him to a Cisco Gold Partner company, where he would spend the next five years. It was here that his path intersected with Cisco’s technology, a brand he had never heard of before. His commitment to his job drove him to pursue his CCNA certification, a process he found exhausting yet exhilarating.

His success with passing his CCNA was just the beginning. He then set on a journey of continuous learning, acquiring several certifications including CCNP and a specialised CCNA Wireless qualification.

NTS Deutschland GmbH

Arthur was then headhunted by NTS Deutschland GmbH, a company that immediately caught his attention due to the many CCIE-certified professionals that worked there.


As his career progressed and he earned many certifications, the idea of pursuing the CCIE certification hung over him. He initially deterred from the idea due to the amount of studying and commitment it came with. But in 2020, his team lead approached him with the proposition of pursuing the CCIE. He found himself at a crossroads, but after deliberating decided to take it on.

He faced a number of challenges that tested his limits. The preparation demanded a tonne of commitment to countless hours of study, practice, and hands-on experience. His determination pushed him on and eventually passed after his 5th attempt. November 9th, 2021, marked a huge moment in his journey.

His journey began with an unexpected opportunity that led him into the technical world. Before you commit to a career in technology, he says to take time to explore your own interests. Getting clarity about your passion will set a strong foundation for your tech journey. He also says every person has a different way of absorbing information. Some people thrive by reading and others through hands-on experience. Discover how you learn best.

Tune in on the 15/08/2023 to hear the full episode!