E138 - John Koos at Butler America Telecom

Aaron Batten
John Koos

By Aaron Batten & John Koos

On today’s episode of The Route to Networking podcast, we’re joined by our host Aaron Batten and special guest, John Koos Senior Vice President at Butler America Telecom. During this episode, John kicks things off by sharing where it all began in his career journey in the Telecoms industry. They also discuss what’s next for John and where he sees the company in the coming years.

John's journey in the world of wireless telecom began in 1999 when he took on a role that involved zoning approvals for wireless towers in the LA market. Over the next six years, John accelerated his expertise in wireless zoning approvals. In 2005, he took a huge step by co-founding his consulting firm, Core Development Services, alongside a close friend and colleague. In 2019, John's journey took yet another turn. Core Development Services was acquired by Butler America Telecom. This transition was huge in his career because he ended up taking the role of Vice President within the very company he had sold to.

In the years following the acquisition, John's contributions to Butler America Telecom continued to shine. They noticed that his skillset expanded beyond wireless zoning, and he was moved to the position of Senior Vice President.

Senior Vice President at Butler America Telecom

 In his current role as Senior Vice President at Butler America Telecom, John plays a role in creating a collaborative and efficient work environment. Each day, he brings his experience and strategic insights to the table, working closely with the vice presidents of operations to enhance the company's overall efficiency. One of the distinguishing features of John's leadership style is his commitment to a collaborative ethos. He recognises that there's no room for hierarchies or pecking orders, instead, the focus is on ensuring that everyone is rowing in the same direction.

 CALWA Podcast

 John’s influence in the telecom industry extends beyond his role at Butler America Telecom, he is also the host of the California Wireless Association Podcast. What began as a casual endeavour during the early days of the pandemic has transformed into an influential platform that has reached its third season as of the beginning of 2021.

 He actively engaged in addressing a crucial issue within the field, which is the lack of exposure it receives in educational institutions. During one of his podcast episodes, he discussed this gap in knowledge, highlighting that the public school system often overlooks the importance of introducing students to the telecom sector. The lack of exposure to the telecom industry at the educational level is a matter of growing concern. Telecommunications play a huge role in almost every aspect of our lives. From the phones we use daily to the infrastructure that powers the internet, telecom is the backbone of modern society.

 His advice to aspiring professionals looking to get into a career in the telecom industry is both practical and inspiring. John highlights the importance of seeking guidance from experienced individuals in the field. In telecom, as in many industries, mentorship can provide career advice and a broader perspective. Mentors can help navigate the hardships of the industry, provide networking opportunities, and offer guidance on career development.

 Tune in on the 10/10/2023 to hear a great episode!