E20 - Kim Crawley at IOActive

Libby Stein
Kim Crawley

By Libby Stein & Kim Crawley

On today’s episode of our Women in Tech spin-off series, our host Libby Stein was joined by Kim Crawley, Cybersecurity Writer at IOActive. During today’s episode, Kim shares with us what her typical day looks like at IOActive and some interesting projects she’s working on. Kim talks to us about something she wishes she knew before starting her career in the cybersecurity space and some of the struggles she faced getting to where she is now.

In her early 20s, Kim found herself immersed in the world of technology as a remote desktop support technician. Her role involved remotely connecting numerous Windows computers to troubleshoot any issues that came up. She closed over 30 tickets a day on average, with a big portion of them related to malware. It was during this period that Kim got bitten by the cybersecurity bug. The constant exposure to malware-related incidents sparked her interest, leading her down the path to becoming an expert in the field.

Growing up, Kim was raised in a home that brought out her passion for writing. Her father, a novelist and writing instructor, was the inspiration behind her love for writing. The combination of her technical experience and her inherent writing skills gave her a foundation for her future endeavours.

Shortly after her job as a remote desktop support technician, Kim began writing about cybersecurity on the web. Initially, her motivation was purely to share her knowledge through blog posts without expecting any financial return. Kim took to platforms like Twitter to publish her blogs, gradually gaining attention over the course of a few months. Her engaging content resonated with readers, establishing her as a notable voice in the cybersecurity community.

Kim’s dedication and talent didn’t go unnoticed. She soon secured her first major corporate blog job with Tripwire. This opportunity opened doors to collaborate with prominent organisations such as AT&T and BlackBerry. This propelled her career to new heights.

Tribe of Hackers

In 2019, Kim Crawley achieved a huge milestone when she was featured in the first volume of “Tribe of Hackers,”. Her inclusion in this publication was a testament to her knowledge, expertise, and impact on the industry. It marked a defining moment in her career, which solidified her reputation as a cybersecurity writer.

When talking about what she wished she knew sooner, she reflected on her journey and wished to have entered the industry earlier than she did. Kim’s journey was not without its challenges, as she navigated undiagnosed ADHD during her childhood. Even though she was considered a bright individual, she encountered significant struggles. These difficulties often led to feelings of discouragement and self-doubt. But she figured out her strengths and pushed towards what she knew she was capable of.

The Future…

Kim has set her sights on the next milestone in her career. Looking ahead to the future, Kim is embarking on a journey to study for and achieve the highly respected CISSP certification. With her commitment, Kim aims to obtain this certification in the coming months.

Tune in on the 15/06/2023 to hear the full episode!