E3 - John Edwards at Jurassic Fibre

James Hope
John Edwards

By James Hope & John Edwards

On today’s episode of the Fibre spin-off series, we’re joined by our host James Hope and special guest, John Edwards, former Managing Director (now Consultant) at Jurassic Fibre. During today’s episode, they cover John’s history in the Telecoms space and each step he took to get to where he is today. John also shares the skills he’s gained along the way that was crucial in getting him this far.

John's journey began after university, where he completed a law degree. He soon realised that a career in law was not what he wanted. Driven by a desire to explore new opportunities, he ventured into the world of finance, finding a place at a Japanese bank where he spent 4 years. He soon discovered that the subject matter of his work wasn't for him. He began applying for various roles but soon realised that he lacked transferable skills that would make him an ideal fit for the industry. Recognising the need to develop his skills, he enrolled in the London Business School to pursue an MBA.

The project opened John's eyes to the exciting possibilities within the cable and telecoms sector. He then decided to look for new opportunities in the telecoms industry, eventually landing a position in Manchester. This marked the beginning of his long and fulfilling career in telecoms.

The transition from law to telecoms…

His decision to change from pursuing a law degree to his current career in the telecoms industry was driven by a number of factors. Like many people, he didn't have a clear idea of what he wanted to do when he was growing up. He followed the path of getting a law degree because it seemed like a sensible foundation for a career. But as he progressed through his studies, he began to feel that law might not be the right fit for him.

Lessons learnt

Throughout his journey, one of the lessons learned was the importance of having diverse and talented people around him. Coming from an academic background, he first thought he might have been accustomed to a more educational way of learning. His experience working at NTL, particularly interacting with people from various backgrounds, taught him the value of collaboration and teamwork.

Throughout his career, he gained a set of valuable skills that played a big role in his success. Three key skills that stood out in his development were building friendships and relationships - listening and empathy, critical thinking and operational capabilities and comfort and confidence in his work.

John advises newcomers to invest time and effort into understanding both the technical and commercial aspects of the industry. This understanding will provide a comprehensive view of how the telecoms sector operates, enabling individuals to make informed decisions and contribute effectively to their roles.

He also says to be genuinely invested in the chosen career path. Passion drives motivation, helping people overcome challenges.

To listen to the full episode, tune in on the 27/07/2023!