E4 - Joseph Hurley at Render Networks

Josh Pauley
Joseph Hurley

By Josh Pauley & Joseph Hurley

On today’s episode of the Fibre spin-off series, we’re joined by our host Josh Pauley, IP Network Consultant here at Hamilton Barnes and our special guest Joey Hurley, Network Delivery Manager at Render Networks. During today’s episode, they discuss Joey’s journey in the industry and his unexpected start-up in his career. Joey also shares what an average day looks like for him at Render Networks and what his role as a Network Delivery Manager entails.

Joey’s trajectory into the fibre industry was a winding road that came unexpectedly. After graduating with a degree in history in 2012, he went into a world unrelated to his studies. The economic landscape at the time presented challenges, pushing him towards occupational safety and health. Aiming to gain new opportunities, he got a degree in the field.

Joey’s career saw its first major turning point when he secured a role with a utility construction company. This move made a critical change as he relocated his family to South Alabama to start his new role centered around safety. For around 1.5 to 2 years, he stayed in this role before moving on to his next venture into project management.

His journey took a twist as an unexpected proposition was offered. A space and rocket construction company based in Alabama extended an invitation for him to join them in a project management capacity. This leap demonstrated his propensity to embrace novel endeavours and conquer unexplored areas he hadn’t yet worked in.

Joining Render Networks

He then found his place at Render Networks, a player in the telecom industry. For Joey, each day unfolds as a new chapter in problem-solving. As a Network Delivery Manager, he stands as the interface between the customer – which could range from major phone companies to network integrators – and the development team at Render Networks. The challenge at hand? To bridge the gap between client expectations and technical feasibility, transforming aspirations into tangible realities.

One of the most standout challenges he faces is the realisation that not every variable can be controlled. Balancing the pursuit of perfection with the acceptance of the uncontrollable requires a delicate equilibrium – a trait Joey has gained over his career.

Lessons from Joey’s Journey

If you’re a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional considering a transition, here are his pieces of advice drawn from his own experiences.

First is to embrace the unexpected and stay open-minded. Joey’s journey into the industry was far from conventional. Armed with a history degree, he went on a path that led him to different territories. His advice to aspiring professionals is to maintain an open mind, ready to take on any opportunities that might not align with their initial plans. Another piece of advice is to learn from every source around you. Humility can be your greatest asset. Throughout the shifts in his career, he embraced each challenge as an opportunity to learn. The advice here is simple: Be open to learning from everyone around you. Whether it’s a colleague, a mentor, or even a subordinate, each interaction can give insights that contribute to your growth as a professional.

Tune in on the 22/08/2023 to hear the full episode!