E31 - Eyvonne Sharp at Google

Andrea Perez
Eyvonne Sharp

By Andrea Perez & Eyvonne Sharp

On today’s episode of the Women in Tech spin-off series, we’re joined by our host and Network Consultant at Hamilton Barnes, Andrea Perez and our special guest, Eyvonne Sharp, the Transformation Technical Lead at Google. During today’s episode, Eyvonne shares with us how she got into the world of networking and the journey she went on from her college days up to now. They also discuss the importance of work/life balance and some of the strategies she implements day to day to ensure she maintains a healthy work/life balance.

Eyvonne currently works on the Google Cloud team, assisting customers in their endeavours to adopt cloud technologies. However, her journey began in a far simpler setting. Her story takes root in her college days when she majored in computer science which led to her first job being at an engineering firm. A few years ago, she was contacted by a recruiter at Google and the rest was history.

Her love for the sciences was evident from an early age. As a science and math girl, she naturally gravitated towards the logical and analytical aspects of these subjects. Pursuing her interest, she initially took the path of a chemistry major in college but as time went on, she realised that her true calling lay elsewhere. It was during summer that Eyvonne decided to explore a different path. She took a leap of faith and enrolled in a computer science class at a summer camp. As she went deeper into the world of computer science, she secured a work-study position supporting faculty in the computer science department.

One thing she wishes she knew... 

Looking back on her early days, she acknowledges that her initial steps into the tech world were marked by a sense of limited awareness. She admits that she did not fully grasp the expanse of the tech industry and the number of opportunities it presented. Her hindsight highlights an aspect that she wishes she had comprehended earlier, which is the sheer scale of the tech world and the paths it offers for growth and exploration.

 Maintaining a work/life balance

A big part of Eyvonne's day-to-day responsibilities revolves around collaborating with strategic clients, delving deep into their organisational ambitions, and understanding their specific goals and aspirations. Through an analysis of their needs, she works to tailor technology strategies that not only meet but surpass their expectations, thereby fuelling their growth and success.

 As she touches on her day-to-day, she also discusses her work ethic in her earlier career and how her work-life balance has changed and adapted. Her early career was a constant dedication to her work, often leading her to clock in 50 to 60 hours a week. She wanted to commit herself to demonstrating her work ethic and proficiency. This pursuit of professional validation came at the expense of her personal time and well-being. As her career evolved and her personal life took centre stage with the arrival of her family, she took a shift in her approach to work-life balance. Recognising the value of personal time and moments with her loved ones, she began to prioritise her time with a renewed perspective.

 Eyvonne's recent experiences have driven her to focus on expanding her leadership skills. She recognises that the transition from informal leadership to formal leadership requires a bigger understanding of the ins and outs of leadership but she has realised this is something she wants to continue.

 If you’re interested in listening to more, tune in on 07/11/2023 to hear the full episode!