E38 - Anton Karneliuk at THG

George Barnes
Anton Karneliuk

By George Barnes & Anton Karneliuk

Listen to our 38th episode with our host and Co-Founder, George Barnes who was joined by Anton Karneliuk, the Network Manager at The Hut Group. Anton is an experienced leader, and he shares his wisdom with George to help you improve your leadership skills and give you guidance on how to become a better leader.

Taking it back to 2007, Anton started out his Networking journey as a Systems Administrator at Preston Market Bel. In his position there he found there was a lot of self-taught work, and it required a lot of technical curiosity.

Anton’s Telecommunications and Computer Networks degree was a major step in his journey to becoming a Network Manager. It gave him the technical know-how to understand how things work so he can come up with practical solutions to a problem. Besides learning theoretical concepts, he had the opportunity to work with a number of people who are still in touch today. Given the chance again, Anton would definitely take the university path again.

More on The Hut Group…

The Hut Group have grown from a British start-up to a globally renowned end-to-end tech platform specialising in taking brands direct to consumers worldwide.

As the Network Manager of The Hut Group, Anton is in charge of making sure the network and all its services are running smoothly. He does this by managing his team, ensuring that their work is up to standard and that any issues are dealt with quickly. Making sure The Hut Group provide the best experience for its customers is one of his top priorities, so he checks in regularly with his team to keep track of what they’re doing.

Making that transition into management can be challenging… For Anton, he created a training platform called Karneliuk. For any upcoming Network Engineers or Engineers in general that want to learn more, you have to be competitive and successful in IT. You have to be constantly learning new things and with this training platform in mind, he is helping people avoid having no knowledge.

Some of the things he teaches are Automation techniques such as DevOps and Network Automation (NetDevOps). The group consists of industry-recognised experts who bring real experience in IT and Automation projects from the biggest and most demanding companies in the telecommunications world.

With this training platform, he has expanded his management and leadership skills naturally.

Where does he see Network Automation going?

Network automation is going to become very significant in a lot of businesses, especially if you consider how many companies have had to hire huge teams of IT departments just to keep their network running. Automation will essentially save a lot of time, ease workload for certain employees and cut costs for the business, so I’d say this is definitely going to be an industry trend that we all need to look forward to!

It is essentially about automating network operations, which means more efficiency and cost savings. Network automation will make it possible to scale networks, quickly respond to business demands like the expansion of new sites/offices and save time as well.

To hear the advice Anton would give to his 16-year-old self… Make sure you tune in now!