E87 - Christian Scholz at Axians Germany

Charlie  Draper
Christian Scholz

By Charlie Draper & Christian Scholz

Our DACH Network Consultant, Charlie Draper was joined by Christian Scholz, the Network & Security Senior Consultant at Axians Germany. Christian talks to Charlie about some of the exciting tech he is working with including home IoT systems. We also learn that being a Network Engineer just is not enough anymore and the importance of being a generalist.

Christian’s interest in technology dates back to an early age. This rings true for many network engineers, who have to demonstrate their passion for engineering in order to progress professionally.

Going from a Network Engineer Apprentice to a larger corporation like Dimension Data, to a small business at Telonic GmbH, and back to a larger company like Axians, Christian has had quite the journey. The biggest change he’s seen since he first started out is he is finding himself becoming more and more like a Programmer. When he started, he had a choice whether to become a Programmer or an Engineer and he went down the Engineer path because that was very much what he was interested in. Since he started writing Python scripts, he has realised he could have become a Programmer in the first place!

In the past, you could just focus on one point and forget about the rest because it was compartmentalised. In this present day, since everyone’s system is connected to every other system, that’s where a Network Engineer will need to write Python or know about storage systems etc, whereas you wouldn’t have needed to know that in previous years. You do not need to be an expert in every field but you do need to know it up to a certain level so you can fulfil what you’re paid to do.

Should Network Engineers be worried?

Automation and AI will not take the job of a Network Engineer. Christian can see the job role transforming no doubt about it but it won’t become redundant. In fact, automation and AI will open up new opportunities that engineers have never seen before because they’re going to create new problems for them to solve. Using AI and automation to improve your work, while saving time and money is a great thing but there will always be a need for Network Engineers in future.

Christian has found that one of the most beneficial things about the Networking space is the community. Being able to reach out to others who may have had similar problems or are stuck in a similar place and simply interacting with them and exchanging ideas has been a game changer. Having a community of people whom you can share your journey, trials and tribulations, triumphs and throw downs with, helps so much in the process of growth.

Moving towards the future, something he sees as having a negative impact on the Networking space is the blocking of new technologies. If there’s a new technology coming up and people are immediately declining everything to do with it, it’ll become difficult to advance. Being open to new technology is key.


Don’t give up! When Christian started his certifications, the expert ones, in particular, it took him four attempts. Most people he knew gave up after the second attempt so even if you fail, use this as a chance to reflect on where you went wrong and carry on.

To hear more about the projects and research Christian and his team are doing at Axians Germany, tune into the full episode now!