Martin Hosken - episode 142

Martin Hosken

By Martin Hosken

On today’s episode of The Route to Networking podcast, we’re joined by our host, Seb Mendes and a special guest, Martin Hosken, Chief Technologist at VMware. During this episode, Martin discusses his most memorable moments throughout his career paired with his biggest achievements to date. Martin also shares some valuable advice to those who are considering a career in the networking industry. 

Before entering into the world of tech, Martin was pursuing a music career. Having attended a music college in Wales and getting his degree, he explored various aspects of the music industry. However, he soon realised the challenges of making it to the top of the world of music. It was at this moment that he found his interest in technology, leading him to build a side-line career in the tech space. 

Martin's start in technology began with a job where he looked after servers for large retail organisations in the UK. He transitioned to roles in insurance and financial services before joining EMC. From EMC, Martin made a move to VMware, where he has been a key player for almost a decade. What has kept him at VMware for so long? The answer lies in the continuous evolution of his role.


What changes has Martin seen?


VMware, initially starting its journey above a Chinese restaurant with the classic Silicon Valley story, has gone through massive changes over the last 17/18 years. Martin, having been a big part of this transformation, shared the evolution of VMware from its humble beginnings to its current status as a big force in both private and public cloud infrastructure.


Memorable moments…


For Martin, the publication of his book was more than just a professional accomplishment; it was a milestone that tied in with a program at VMware known as the Principal Program. This program, designed for those aspiring to become Principal Architects, is no easy feat. Aspiring architects, like Martin, had to compile a portfolio of evidence, and sponsors, and present their case to a panel of CTOs and VPs within the company.


Martin's journey toward achieving Principal Architect status was challenging, and the publication of his book played a big role in this process. "VMware Software-Defined Storage" not only showed Martin's expertise but also served as a representation of his contributions to the field. The book became a valuable resource, reinforcing his qualifications as he entered the Principal Program.




Martin shared valuable advice during the episode. One key piece of advice he shared is the importance of actively engaging in discussions as a powerful learning tool. According to Martin, finding ways to participate in discussions is a key strategy for gaining knowledge and staying on top of industry trends. He also says to stay on top of the areas you want to learn about and focus on your presentation and communication skills as they will be absolutely key in being successful.


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